SleepMaster know you are concerned about how to use information about you and share, and we appreciate we so carefully and perceive what will you do to your trust. This notice describes our privacy policy. By visiting, you accept the practices described in this privacy notice. collect any personal information about customers? We learned from the customer information to help us personalize and continuously improve your shopping experience at This type of information we collect: information you give us: we receive and store your input all the information on our website or give us in other ways. You can choose not to provide certain information, on the other hand, but you may not be able to use many of our features. We use you provide for such purposes as to answer your request, make to order your future shopping and communication with your information. Automatic information: we receive and store certain types of information, each time you interact with us. Like many websites, for example, we use "cookies," when your browser to, and we get some of the types of information. To look at our example to get information of the paper roll this page below. A certain number of proposed utility designed to help you visit our site anonymously. Although we can not provide you with personalized experience on, if we can't accept you, we want you to know that these tools. How about cookies? Let's move on to your computer 'cookie is alphanumeric identifiers; S hard drive through your system of our browser recognize your browser and to provide project storage in your shopping cart features such as automatic registration and permanent shopping cart between the visit. "Help" part of the toolbar on most browsers will tell you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to arrange the browser to inform you that when you receive a new cookie, or how to disable cookies altogether. However, cookies allow you to use some of as the most cool features, and we suggest that you leave them open. It get share information? Information about our customers is an important part of our transaction, and we are not selling its transaction on the other. We share as follows only the customer information and auxiliary control and We do not control the subsidiary companies: we closely affiliated enterprises are used together with us. Sometimes, the enterprise operating stores in or sold offering to you at In some cases, we shop operation, provide services or sell products with these companies. Can you tell when a transaction in your trading involved, and we share customer information with the affairs related to those transactions. Agent: we employ other companies and individuals on behalf of our role. Examples include fulfill orders, provide parcel, send postal mail and email, cancel the information from the customer list, analyze data, provide marketing aid, processing credit card payments and providin customer service. They were able to enter the necessary information to perform their roles, but may not use it for other purposes. How to consolidate is information about me? We work to protect your privacy and information by using secure sockets layer (SSL) software, to encrypt the information you input. Protect against unauthorized access to your password and to your computer is important to you. Please be sure to stop the activity, when finished using a Shared computer. What information can I access? allows you to access to the following information about your observations, and, in some cases, update the information of limited purpose. This list will change, our web site. What choice I have